• 5 New Features on Specialized Electric Bikes

    Sep 21 2021  The mid and top range bikes use a 710 Wh battery that works with a 470 or 560 watt motor that can provide up to 90 miles of range. All versions of the Vado and Como bikes have battery assist at

  • EVOX

    EVOX CP is an helical in line product designed with a smooth surface and thanks to the wide range of versions/options and motor technology available in the Bonfiglioli portfolio this new product can be adapted to any machine need. 1. Smooth

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    The B Class F CELL

    high voltage battery is located in the boot while the electric motor and cooling system can be found under the bonnet. The modular structured fuel cell system in the B Class F CELL comprises the following components 1 Fuel cell stack the fuel cells are stacked together. In each individual cell hydrogen reacts with air to produce electrical

  • Lubricated Rotary Screw Compressor 90 132 kW

    The compressors are equipped with a premium high efficiency electric motor which can be upgraded to an ultra efficient energy saving IE4 electric motor. Our top quality airends are covered by the new 10 years warranty and up to 44 000 hours. Briers Recycling Case Study.


    Hammer mill for crushing residues car fluff Zorba Zurik Hammer mill for electrical and electronic equipment WEEE Hammer mill for medicale quipment Hammer mill for toner Hammer mill for tins HM 45 Power 22 37 Kw Dimensions 2130x1300x2480 mm Weight 2500 kg Hammer weight 8 kg Hopper size 450x260 mm HM 60 Power 37 45 KW Dimensions

  • 1980s

    1980s in the History section of Mitsubishi Electric s website. 1984. Produced the spiral escalator. Mass produced high output semiconductor lasers on a par with the highest world standards for use in optical communications.

  • BMW USA News

    Nov 11 2020  The batteries fitted in the BMW iX are designed as part of a long term resource cycle and allow for a very high recycling rate. The power used to produce the battery cells and the high voltage batteries comes exclusively from renewable sources. Technology is driving the advances we need to tackle even the greatest challenges.

  • Best High Velocity Fans Buying Guide 2022

    Apr 10 2018  1Lasko 2265QM 20″ High Velocity Fan w/ QuickMount. The Lasko 2265QM is one of the highest rated high velocity fans on Amazon. With 130 watts of power and a CFM rating of 3160 this powerful fan is a great alternative to air conditioning. This fan is particularly popular because it’s super versatile in terms of placement.

  • dc gear motor manufacturer/Etonm Motor Co. Limited

    Etonm Motor Co. Limited Founded in year 2004 ETONM MOTOR Is specialized in R D manufacturing and selling Mini DC Motor and DC Gear Motor which includes Spur Gear Motor Planetary Gear Motor Worm Gear Motor. These motors are with 1VDC 30VDC the diameter is from φ8 φ51mm ETONM MOTOR always keeps the believes Customers First Technical

  • 36V 11.6 Ah E Bike High Power Lithium Ion Battery BX3691B

    If your e bike motor needs more than 500W power this battery may not work because it can not supply enough power. High Capacity 36V 11.6Ah 418 Watt hour Light Weight only around 5 pound. Small Size 7 x 5 X 3.8 easy to fit on many different place on bike. Very Powerful continuous output up to 400W 500W maximum burst output up to 500W.

  • 3 Best 1000 CCA Batteries for Marine Trucks 2021

    Jan 03 2022  Voltage 12 volts. CCA 1 150 A. Reserve capacity 205 minutes. Warranty 3 4 years. Specially made for the marine industry but also suitable for trucks and vehicles with a range of power hungry electronics the 31 PC2150S will deliver sufficient power to start your engine and provide enough juice to get you going.

  • Forklift Electric Motor

    An electric motor schematically consists of an armature or rotor a commutator brushes axle field magnet and a DC power supply. Essentially an electric motor is all about magnets and magnetic fields. The inherent quality of attraction and repulsion of similar and opposite poles of a magnet serves to create rotational motion in an electric


    Hexact is the stationary disc screen with a modular structure designed for those in need of high performance compact dimensions and limited energy consumption. Productivity up to 200 t/h Thanks to DDS Dynamic Disc Screening technology Hexact is able to screen materials faster 1 m/sec using less space and reaching a productivity level

  • 36V 29Ah 1044Wh Power Station Lithium ion Battery

    High quality rechargeable batteries portable power products and computer parts. Needs special recycling after treatment utility This battery is perfect for devices that need up to 1200W power such as the 36V motors in electric scooters and electric motors. Warranty One Year limited warranty.

  • 8 Best Lawn Mowers of 2022

    Jul 16 2021  The best electric and gas lawn mowers for big yards and small yards including budget friendly picks under 600 riding lawn mower tractors and push mowers.

  • Best electric 2022 bikes ebike types explained how to

    Feb 17 2021  Best electric bike 2022 ebike types explained and how to choose the right one for you The products mentioned in this article are selected or

  • 10 Best E Bikes 2022 Reviews and Buying Guide

    Feb 08 2022  Seriously the electric motor was the missing link between traditional fat bikes and the ultimate off roading fun. The Ecotric Rocket comes with a solid 500W hub motor with five power assist levels. However even with a lightweight aluminum alloy frame its range is hardly above 20 miles.

  • T T Electric USA

    T T Electric for more than 120 years. T T Electric is a world class supplier of top quality industrial DC and AC motors. As pioneers in the industry we are an experienced and established manufacturer of a comprehensive and cost effective range of highly reliable drive products. Because of this our products are used around the globe in some

  • Best Electric Lawn Mower UK

    Feb 03 2022  Electric Lawnmower Reviews 2022. 1. Bosch AdvancedRotak 650 Electric Lawn Mower. 2. Greenworks G40LM41K2x Electric Mower. 3. Bosch Rotak 34 R Electric Lawn Mower. 4. WORX WG779E.2 36V.

  • The 9 Best Range Hoods of 2022

    Mar 13 2022  The KOBE INX2930SQBF 500 1 insert is available for 30 and 36 inch range hoods and offers an airflow capacity of 550 CFM at top speed. If you’re doing light duty cooking you’ll find the low fan speed to be the quietest operating at just 2.0 sones.

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    The spindle is made of high quality stainless steel a solid piece machined with the utmost precision to clamp the platter with the special conical shape Split Spindle we developed. The spindle is 60mm long to ensure top class performance and features a large longitudinal groove on its axis for the lubricating oil to run constantly. With its

  • Recycling Plant GERMANPLAST automatic 2000 kg/h for sale

    TWIN SCREW AUTOMATIC PROCESSOR 2015 RECONDITIONED dries reduces size and degasses materials in one step. For PE PP PET PS ABS PC PET PVC POLYLAMINATED PULPER etc. extremely low maintenance costs no operator needed high ROI 400 kw.motor 65 in use huge output heavy duty made for 24/7 job Italian technology and material

  • Lithionics Battery lithium ion deep cycle house engine

    Lithionics Battery lithium ion batteries 604 510 0800 for powerful lightweight 12 Volt 24 Volt 48 Volt to 102 Volt deep cycle/ engine cranking lithium ion batteries for RV Marine Solar/ Off grid/ Micro Grid Power Industry Commercial applications

  • Industrial Vibrators

    OLI electric vibrating motors can generate a centrifugal force up to 26 000 kg and are available in multiple voltages.For this reason the range of OLI industrial vibrators can be used in numerous sectors of application from construction to the mining industry from the foodstuff industry to recycling in every country around the world.. OLI electric vibrating motors were

  • Hot Water Power Pressure Washers at ..

    PSC SeriesHere are our models with an electric heater AND electric motor. With instant hot waterheat exchanger is thermally insulated allowing for almost 100 energy input/output and continuous efficient operation. They are excellent for indoor use. Pressure Range PSI. Horse Power 3HP10HP.

  • Yb2 802 211kw Flameproof Three Phase Asynchronous Motor AC

    NEMA Top quality Effectiveness Level according to NEMA Y Three period 50 60 Hz Voltage 3000 to 11000 V Rated output up to 12500 kw Number of poles 2 4 six 8 10 or 12poles Frame dimensions 450 mm to 630mm High Quality DC

  • Best Drone Motors And How Drone Motors ESCs Propulsion

    Oct 31 2020  By using high quality bearings and CNC precision machined parts each Lumenier motor provides smooth and reliable power. One of its best drone motors is the Lumenier 2207 7 1750 KV JohnnyFPV V2 motor.

  • Gphq Ms 2.2kw Three Phase Industrial Motor

    Nov 28 2020  MS aluminum ac motor MS Collection Aluminum Housing Three Stage Induction Motor adopts the most recent design and higher top quality materials and are conform to the IEC standard in purpose physical appearance output and other needs.

  • 48V 10KW 4000RPM Liquid Cooling BLDC Motor and Controller

    QSMOTOR High Power 100KPH 3000W 5kw 138 70H Mid Drive Motor with Controller for Dirt Bike 1 771.90 771 . 90 Electric Brushless DC Motor Complete Kit 48V 2000W 4300RPM High Speed Motor With 33A 15 Mosfet Controller Battery Display LCD Throttle Electric Scooter Bicycle Motorcycle Mid Drive Motor DIY Part 117

  • PCB Recycling Machine Built E waste Recycling Plant

    Expert In E waste Recycling Machinery Solution Since 1996 Our mission is to create a recyclable WEEE future by manufacturing top quality E Waste Recycling Machinery under the society sustainable development criteria. YUXI provides customized solutions help you to recycle copper aluminum gold from electronic waste and WEEE for further processing or make money.

  • Vulcanized Fibre

    Vulcanized fibre is one of the first plastics developed and remains one of the most useful plastic hardware sealing materials for use in products such as washers and gaskets. It’s frequently used across a wide range of industrial applications because of its superior electrical mechanical and physical properties.

  • 11 Best Fat Tire Electric Bikes 2022

    Mar 01 2022  The RadRover 6 Plus Electric Fat Bike offers a blend of performance quality construction and value making it one of the best fat tire e bikes for riders of all levels. Equipped with a powerful

  • Dry Sift Systems Tumble Now Bubble Box

    The Tumble Now is constructed of top quality materials and contains no plastic parts. The Tumble Now is an electric powered rotating dry floral essence extractor with dual screen meshes. Features include a pull out dry sift collection drawer and a hinged lid. The motor and wiring are fully enclosed and accessible through a vented access plate.

  • Audi RS e tron GT 2022

    Mar 24 2022  The RS model is the dynamic spearhead of electric mobility at Audi a system output of 440 kW 598 PS 0 100 km/h 62.1 mph in 3.3 seconds in overboost and a high tech suspension with features such as three chamber air suspension all wheel steering optional and controlled rear axle differential lock.

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    in traction motors for electricvehicl es. They are also used in electronic components and in different kinds of motors. Other rare earths are important in ceramics as catalysts for air pollution control as phosphors for illuminated screens in polishing compounds for optical quality glass and optical fibre applications.